Text and photo: Heinz Birkenheuer
Drawing: Konstantin Koenen

3. The Legionary Headquarters

Living areas of the legionary officers

There were 6 Military-Tribunes, the Praefaectus Castorium, and the Praefectus Ala as the commander of the Roman cavalry, to assisst the legate. The military-tribunes and the Praefaectus ALA each got an area of 1400 mē at their disposal, these were located at the Via Principalis and the Via Praetoria. The timber-yard however was the rather unusual fixed quarters of the Praefaectus Castorium, in hierarchy the third. highest logistics officer.

3. 3 The Tribun`s Living Area

Tribunes and Praefects used to be recruited from the Roman nobility, and enjoyed an adequate level of comfort not only in Rome, but as well outside of the capital in the legionary fortresses. Their status within society could be clearly identified from their living areas in the camp. In spite of the military environment they got enough time beneath the service for all kinds of dispersions. The living areas were converted according to the individual requirements of each Tribun or Praefect. There was an atrium including PORTICUS to held small assemblies, a separate well and bathing equipment, as well as kitchens and water closets in each of it, and they were connected to the waste-water system of the camp.

Reconstruction of an infantry headquarter in the Legionary Camp of Novaesium

Model and photo: Heinz Birkenheuer

Groundplan of the TRIBUN area

Drawing: Konstantin Koenen

3. 4 The Living Area of the PRAEFECTUS CASTORIUM

Right in the centre of the fortress, next to the PRAETORIUM, surrounded by walls, was the location of the Legionary Timber-Yard, which covered an area of 3,500 mē. This used to be the luxurious living area of the 3rd. highest officer, as he was the coordinator of the entire logistics organisation within the fortress. Consequently the timber-yard with its workshops and the 1.200 mē wide inner court was located very closely to his area. Both, the living-area and the workshop area formed an enclosed and separate yard. This can be concluded from the fact that residues of luxurious rooms were found within the Western entrance area, whereas only simple building constructions can be seen in the remaining area.

Model: view from above onto the living area of the PRAEFECTUS CASTORIUM

Model: Heinz Birkenheuer - L. Kirchmeyer

Photo: H. Birkenheuer

3. 5 The Living Area of the PRAEFECTUS ALA

Being the commander of the auxiliary cavalry troops, his living area was located in the centre of the cavalry barracks at the VIA PRAETORIA. Similar to the military tribunes he got a living area of about 1.400 mē for his own disposal. The large open space next to his private buildings is noticeable. It can be concluded that the visiting cavalry troop leaders left their horses on this place during meetings at the commander's house.

Model:view from above onto the living area of the PRAEFECTUS ALA

Model and photo: Heinz Birkenheuer