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Der gesamte engl. Text von 2002 wird zu Zeit überarbeitet.

Photo: Heinz Birkenheuer

The reconstructions
The excavations of the fundaments of Castra Novaesium were the most important preconditions for the reconstructions. After the Roman military reform by Consul Marius about 100 B.C. and according to the imperial norms of Augustus about 15 B.C. there were binding rules for the construction of a Roman fortress. So Roman construction drawings of public and private buildings were a help, too for the reconstructions. And helpful as well for an authentic reconstruction were comparisons with still existing Roman buildings.

The reconstructions of the legionary fortress at Neuss are a first step to get an idea how the whole complex could have looked like. The found foundations' rests were checked if they had been in full working order - with the aid of Roman drawings forms of gables, walls and roofs were developed in consideration of water drainage and fresh air.

The correctness of the reconstructions cannot be guaranteed. Comparisons were drawn with similar Roman camps to achieve a model as realistic as possible.

Exhibition at the intrance to the reconstrution of the Legionary Fortress CASTRUM NOVAESIUM

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